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Midterm project.


LILA school redesign web page

Name : Jin Young Park


Project name :

LILA school Web Site Redesign
Creative Brief


Big Picture :

This site makes better identity for school and improves LILA school’s activities.


Project Summary :

LiLA school’s Curriculum adapts the French Ministry of Education’s official program to the bicultural situation. The overall goal is to allow children to grow in a happy environment where they will acquire a healthy desire for knowledge. The principle anchors of their program are developing communication skills through language (speech and comprehension) and through behavior in a social context.
Developing body and mind through physical education and artistic activities. This site provides all the information about what is their curriculum and it would be a brochure by itself.


Business objectives/goal :

Business objectives and goals are fulfilled in two languages and through two cultures. The school bases its curriculum on and embraces the philosophies of the French educational system. Combined with this is the heart of the American system which values nurturing the individual. Through the cultures of these two countries, students learn about the world at large. This demands that students follow a rigorous program which prepares them for further studies in colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.


Target Audience :

LiLA school’s target audience would be the student’s parents mostly. They visited this web site usually to get the extra information for admission or they want to see what their children activities in the school.


Preferred date for launch by client :

03 / 12 /2012


Perception strategy :

  •     Clean view
  •     Well organization.
  •     Use brilliant color to make better identity.
  •    Easy to navigate and find information


Message Strategy :

“Every man has two countries, his own and drance.” Thomas Jefferson.


Competitive Advantages :

Many others redesign their web page to get better school image. To redesign, this web site makes better LILA school’s identity.